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Andrew Mann Architecture
Case Study​

Andrew Mann has been designing residential architecture in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1989. His work encompasses a range of building types from rural vacation retreats to sophisticated urban residences. His design is characterized by richness of space and sophisticated use of light.


The team at Andrew Mann is small – six employees – and it relies on outside expertise to maintain its IT system. Before the firm began its partnership with Tech Strategy Group in October 2009, it had been using an IT company that lacked specific architecture or engineering IT experience.

Employees were frustrated by a number of lingering day-to-day problems and that hurt their productivity

Large format printers used for in-house design drawings weren’t aligning properly

Software was sluggish. Networks crashed

Worst of all, the previous IT vendor wasn’t responsive when things went wrong


TSG found that Andrew Mann’s office hardware was woefully inadequate to run the latest design software packages. 

Computers were upgraded to the latest version of Windows OS.

Servers were updated to the latest version of Windows Server OS and data storage capacity was increased.

Antivirus software was installed for the first time, preventing slowdowns that had been crippling the system in the past.

Backup systems were created to ensure client data was safe from any external events.

TSG is highly organized, efficient and knowledgeable. Their responsiveness to our IT needs makes them very easy to work with, allowing us the time to focus on creating great architecture.


Small by design, the Andrew Mann team is now able to focus on its architectural clients rather than its own IT problems. The company’s IT budget has significantly decreased, efficiency has largely increased, and frustrating problems have been alleviated. Best of all, the team knows that if something does go wrong TSG will respond quickly to sort out the problem.

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