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Network Monitoring

Isysworks™, TSG’s own AI-inspired Network Monitoring/Intrusion Detection system, provides real-time monitoring by transacting with your local network resources to test their availability and responsiveness. Isysworks™ has the power to:

Network Monitoring

Additionally, Isysworks™ can also examine critical resources beyond your local network, such as ISP services and email and web servers, to monitor your accessibility to the Internet as well as security from unwanted viruses, spyware/malware and hackers.

Isysworks™ Monitoring

Isysworks™ consists of multiple monitoring components, each of which is designed to insure that your network’s uptime and performance is maximized. These monitoring components are:

Performance Monitoring

Resource Monitor

Track usage of hardware (CPU, memory, disk, network) and software resources in real time.

Server Monitoring

Identify resource utilization, app downtime and response time, and aid in future capacity planning.

Fault monitoring

Ensure peak network performance and uninterrupted network operations.

Security monitoring

Analyze network information to identify network vulnerabilities and intruders.

Remote (Web) network monitoring

Proactively monitor your network remotely to ensure its seamless performance.
Please contact TSG for more information regarding Isysworks™ and how it can help you.