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With the need and demand for increased ROI and computing efficiency constantly growing, many businesses today understand the value of Virtualization as a means of maximizing physical resources to maximize any investment in hardware. Recent studies indicate that most individual servers being used for in-house server duties are only utilizing from 1 to 5% of total CPU.

Server Virtualization is an ideal solution for small-to-medium scaled usage applications and is one of TSG’s approaches towards helping our clients develop and maintain "green" business practices, by:

Increasing Server Utilization

Reduce physical servers to allow remaining physical host servers to operate at higher total utilization.

Saving on Physical Server Space

Free up valuable real estate in your data centers, racks and server rooms

Reducing Hardware & Maintenance Costs

Let TSG reduce your hardware costs by >70% and in

Reducing Power Consumption & Cooling Needs

Learn how TSG can guide you to energy savings of up to 80%.

Please contact us to learn more about how our certified team experienced in VMWARE© and Hyper-V can help you take advantage of virtualization and associated AI technologies to consolidate aging and under-utilized equipment, improve server and storage availability, centralize server administration, and assist in deployments, developments and disaster recovery.