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Founded in 2005 by four architects, WRNS Studio is dedicated to architectural design and construction administration for commercial, education, healthcare, transportation and civic/community projects. Clients include University of California and California State University, East Bay campuses, dioceses of Monterey and Oakland, Kaiser Permanente, Catholic Healthcare West, and the Contemporary Jewish Museum.


Tech Strategy Group began working with San Francisco–based WRNS just a few months after the company was formed. Although fewer than a dozen architects were on staff when TSG was brought on board, WRNS had big plans for future growth—but also immediate needs to meet tight deadlines for clients who were already onboard. 

The challenge was to get WRNS’s technology infrastructure up and running as soon as possible, with systems that could be easily scaled to meet the company’s expected rapid expansion.

WRNS’s motivated staff often works around the clock, preventing overnight and weekend system closures.

To keep on top of client project deadlines, the company couldn’t afford any downtime.


The scope of work included building a network from the ground up. “We began with ensuring an infrastructure was put into place that would provide a solid, reliable foundation for the system to grow,” says TSG owner Roy Lew. 

TSG worked with a local cabling contractor and provided the necessary hardware, including network switches, battery backup and file servers.

Software included establishing a Microsoft Windows domain with primary and backup controllers and redundancy of data files.

To get the system up and running as soon as possible, the decision was made to initially host email off-site and migrate it in-house as the company began to show significant signs of growth.


When TSG began working with WRNS Studio, the company had fewer than a dozen architects. Today the company has a staff of about 65. During that time, the office has gone through two office expansions. By setting up a flexible technology system, TSG enabled WRNS Studio to be able to grow and upgrade without interrupting its busy staff’s workflow.

Multiple points of redundancy protect against data loss, providing backup systems that allow for business continuity in case of any unexpected on-site disasters. With the system in place, TSG’s team of IT experts provides ongoing support and maintenance for staff and for the system, to make sure all of the office’s technology operates efficiently.

It's reassuring to have a company like TSG working for you. Their dedicated staff had the ability to envision future technologies that enabled our firm to grow and improve our client relationships in the architectural field. TSG's responsiveness in resolving IT issues has consistently outperformed our expectations.

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