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Rumsey Engineers
Case Study​

During the course of TSG’s service to Rumsey Engineers, Rumsey merged into the larger company now named Integral Group, which is a nationwide corporation consisting of multiple offices of mechanical, electrical, plumbing and energy engineers.


Tech Strategy Group first started working with Rumsey Engineers in 2002, when Rumsey had a single office of about 10 to 15 energy engineers. Staff complained about sluggish workstations that negatively affected their productivity.

New systems would have to be purchased and installed without seriously affecting the company’s existing business.

No antivirus programs were installed, and other severe vulnerabilities threatened the network.

There was no firewall in place to protect from outside attack, no RAID system to protect file and mail servers from data loss, and no backup for their email system.

After TSG’s analysis, Rumsey realized its outdated hardware and software posed a variety of serious problems and risks for the company.

Major overhauls were needed for both the network and the employee workstations.


TSG started off by securing the network from potential outside security risks by providing a firewall and antivirus software for the system.

IP Reconfiguration of the entire local network.

One by one, TSG then began replacing existing, aging servers with newer, larger servers that had built-in RAID systems for data redundancy.

Workstations were upgraded or replaced to alleviate complaints about slow performance.

TSG ran and built our network and IT infrastructure for eight years. We were extremely happy with their service. We tripled in size while we worked with TSG. We added new servers, support for a new satellite office and cell phone integration for our company email system. We also implemented a company program to reduce IT energy use. With TSG's guidance, all of these things and more went smoothly. We would recommend TSG to others without hestitation.


Workstations were upgraded and replaced in phases to reduce downtime and control costs. Employees cheered the improved workstation performance. TSG also assisted with customizing Rumsey’s AutoCAD software, which sped up the process of creating drawings and saved the company many thousands of dollars (if not more) per project. The new and improved workstations enhanced employee job satisfaction and productivity. The new servers are more secure and more stable.

Over time, they were consolidated into a single box via network server virtualization, which allowed the company to become more energy efficient. “Our work in virtualizing their existing servers allowed them to save money in the long run by providing them with a system that allowed for future growth—without the necessity of adding additional hardware,” says TSG owner Roy Lew.

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